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tv   [untitled]    April 6, 2014 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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we had a very unfortunate tragedy and we had another shooting as well and i know that you will have an opportunity to speak as you did last night at the town hall. welcome to the tenderloin and thanks for coming to our meeting tochld -- today. back to our captain. one other things, peter is here, if you would like to bring up issues to discuss with him. he's right over there. thank you. >> thank you supervisor. let's work on the next slide. one of the areas we are working on
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is environmental design. we have the blight with some of the corner stores and no real teeth on that. we knew there was a planning code and we don't have the ability to enforce it to the police department, we thought we might work with them and we have great relationships with them. the majority of the people in the tenderloin are coming on board. i'm sorry i don't have any examples, but we have a great number of stores who decided to remove a lot of their advertising and create better transparency as we know reduction of more transparency does equal the more line of site to improve public safety. community engagement mirrors policing. it has a real definition of the policing and deals with partnership with
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crimes in communities. in the spirit of the partnership, safe passage program. while they rarely use our assistance, it's a great program. i'm a big fan. it's 11 blocks in the tenderloin and denoted by the yellow brick road. it was created by a coalition of community groups and they bring in volunteers to escort children to after school programs and you will see them walking around the tenderloin. i put this on the same slide with supervisor kim because our office and hers work together to develop and do outreach on the public safety issues as it relates to pedestrian safety. it's a real issue for me. i'm a native in san francisco. my children were hit by a car and after they were hit by a car, i thought about what we do in the street and what we push
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out for children in the tenderloin, when they are out in the crosswalk amongst other things like looking right or left and waiting for the signal, we would like them to get large in the crosswalk and we want them to wave and be seen by drivers because oftentimes they are lost from the hood of the car. this is a program started by captain paul. he started a lot of initiatives which i think it's great. this is one where most of my colleagues in the district nation and my lieutenants reinforced this and we start with the lease object liaison in the community that promote accountability which is a big thing to us. the image on the left is the tenderloin community advisory board logo that was developed by the community advisory board. i want to get the
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tenderloin community advisory board to stand up for a moment. i want to recognize you folks here. we have some of you here. [ applause ] i'm a pretty demanding person and when i came to play here, we got right to work and i want to thank them for working on a lot of the initiatives. when we did the environmental assessment we identified the bus shelter which was a no brainer. it was kind of a bee hive of disorder. the people at the cadillac and ham lan were complained and we thought people should have the opportunity for safety at the station. it really cut that natural surveillance and you couldn't see on that side of the bus shelter. it's a
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10-month campaign. i would like to thank the people in the room who partnered with us on this. i think the report is generally positive about that. [ applause ] >> the tenderloin stars program came out of the community advisory board and it's something that is still in development. the idea is some of those retail spots we mentioned at the beginning of the slide, the retail spots, we set a standard of conduct for those retailers and they would then become part of the stars program endorsed by the community advisory board. we have plaques that are being made and they are able to display this plaque in their retail establishment. we are working closely with our neighborhood prosecutor on that with the city attorney and obviously our community advisory board. >> i want to thank sweegey
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smith. we also have a twitter account 2 weeks ago and we are on facebook. the newsletter we created right out of the gate we knew we needed to get serious about that and our interest in the community engagement and our hope was to become more relevant, more timely immediately. so, we started pushing out all of the crime picture once a week. we don't leave anything out and it creates a really robust dialogue in partnership. we believe it's the way the go and this which tends to be a favorite among all people. we feature one citizen a month and get into their history and why they are in the tenderloin
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and their family. people look forward to this and we try introduce an officer as well. we are finding officers are getting into this. we have officer knees up here and we find out about his background and what he does off duty and that is a topic of conversation for citizens as they go out in the streets. this officer is injured right now. we wish him a speedy recovery. this guy is a wreck and crew. he really is part of our youth engagement. we formalized it in the last few months and we try to feed our resources to as many in youth engagement programs as possible and he does do a boxing program and with some of the youth on the left, who are populated by soma youth and tenderloin youth and it was a flag football league.
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in closing, i would like to thank the chief for giving his command. thank you so much. it's been an amazing ride for me. i would like to thank the public partners and public safety in no particular order because you are all so vital to the success of the station in the neighborhood. nicole workman and brent and your staff at safe for the support on public safety education outreach and neighborhood organization. and for assisting with the development of this presentation. and i want to thank the members of the community for your support and hard work. i know this neighborhood is not where you want it to be, but it's much better because of you. i want to thank my community advisory board and i have my chairperson, doug gary from dish and john constan from gas grill. thank you for being
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accessible to me. i want to thank jack canon from dpw and supervisor jane kim's office and for checking up on my officers when they get hurt. i want to thank joe girtey for your continued support for tenderloin and me. he calls me once in a while and asks me how i'm doing. i want to thank the leadership. mr. pain, it's not the easiest thing to work for and thank you for working on those projects. i want to thank the sarjs -- sergeants for keeping their standards of service and most of all the officers for keeping this community safe. thank you. [ applause ]
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>> there is food in the back, by the way. >> while we are lining up for public comment i want to thank captain turns for working in this commission. i remember when kids were buying drugs on the streets. he didn't look like a cop. thank you very much. i would like to as captain said, all this food was made by the captain's wife who has some very bad place for your waistline. it's very good. >> did i m -- miss that, as part of an undercover operation? okay. let's be clear. >> at this point your captain, we have a large crowd for
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public comment. let's start with public comment. >> item 4. public comment. the public is now welcome to address the commission regarding items that do not appear on tonight's agenda but within the subject matter jurisdiction of the commission. the speaker shall address the remarks as a commission as a whole, department or personnel. under the police commission rules of orders. during public comment, the police nor occ is required to respond. individual commissionerscious police and occ personnel shall refrain from entering into any debater discussion with speakers. please, we have a lot of people here who want to talk. let me limit comments to 2 minutes. >> the agenda said 3 minutes,
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officer. >> sounds good to me. >> i protest. i have to say that i protest that. the agenda said 3 minutes. 1 minute is okay. >> we have a lot of people that want to speak. >> if the agenda said 3 minutes. that's what was written in the text. >> is the time running? >> can we make it 3 minutes. >> 3 minutes. 3 minutes. 3 minutes. >> 2 minutes. >> 3 minutes. >> 2 minutes. >> 3 minutes. >> i'm calling this meeting to order. we have to have some decorum in here. we have 2 minutes. the commission has the ability to change the time for public comment depending upon the crowd for the convenience to give everybody an opportunity to speak. it will be two minutes.2
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minutes. >> the ge gentleman would like to start. >> good evening ladies and gentlemen, my name is ben i stand here today for alejandro neat oh. my friend who was killed by the san francisco police department on friday. i have a list of things to ask and state. who were the officers that were involved in this shooting. who are their
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disciplinary. there is no basis whatsoever to state that he was mentally ill since the 9-1-1 calls state that he was not doing anything that was ill. he was eating a burrito. if he was a white man eating a sandwich with a -- this has no bearing whatsoever since alex is not being accused of purchasing any type of gun. he was totally licensed to carry a taser. and it's legal in this state to someone who is license to carry a taser on a
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hole ster we demand an investigation. viva andrew lopez. >> hi, my name is scott, i'm a leader of the neighborhood center. i'm not here to comment on the incident. i want you to know and the chief know that it has over 650 members. the very people that people last night accuse of
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you targeting with the thought of having you in our neighborhood. the public housing development where two of them were killed in the 80s fought to get officers in our neighborhood. in 8 years ago when two people were killed and the neighborhood and public housing residents were rainbow. it was led by the poorest people and the people of color in my neighborhood and there are none left in vernal heights. we fought to give sergeant mcdermott, he's going to heaven when he died. we fought to get the patrol sunny dale into courts. your cops meet with us every month. they meet with the residents of the holy court. we have block clubs all over the hill. we love your cops. your cops serve our neighborhood. i'm not commenting on what they do. please don't take that
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from mime time. i'm not commenting on what they do in the rest of the city. i want to hear you loud and clear. i'm obviously not poor, i'm not a person of color. i live in vernal heights in 1976 and founded the vernal heights center and we have a tremendous relationship. just wanted you to know that. when those folks spoke the other night, they did not speak for vernal heights. they spoke for mission and other places. we thought we would get to our neighborhood to make sure people are safe. i just want to make sure people are safe. >> we need to give everybody a chance to talk. there is a thing called difference of opinions. we are going to
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listen to everybody. please show the respect that everybody deserves. we can only go, listen, we respect everyone of you. we are all here. look at this commissionch . here is the thing, if we can't have a meaning, we won't have a meeting. please. go forward. thank you. >> hi, my name is mother elaine jones. i'm in the south of market and there has been a lot of change in the south of market. i truly believe don't just focus on yourself, but focus on your community. our crime just went down a lot. we are now, we are looking at pedestrian safety because a lot of people are dying crossing thoughts streets. but, i'm out there almost
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everyday working my community to make it better. it's sad that we all come together when something happens and we all get upset. but i foot the good fight on the south of market and i get to know my police officers, the youth, senior citizens. they call me mother jones and they even call me the mayor of sixth street. if you see somebody that is having a bad day, get away from them or something. it's not going to be perfect, nothing is going to be perfect. they are not going to solve all of this stuff today, but what you can do for yours and what you can do for your community is a plus. keep working your community. because if i know him and i know him and i know her and,
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you know, we can all help each other out instead of all of these people who when things go bad, where was you at fighting for your community. i'm out there fighting for my community. >> officer. please. my name is michael. the san francisco chronicle photographers are stalking homeless people in the public restrooms at the main library taking pictures of them taking a crap and using the urinals. i'm glad that you are investigating the library of the homeless people being taken pictures of. i want justice for alex. i want
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a list of every person who has been killed in an officer involved shooting. there is no such list. if you go down to 850 bryant, there is a wall of officers killed in the line of duty. fine. we'll remember those killed in the line of duty. i want a list of sheila detoy. no one went to jail for killing her. the cops killed her in the car instead of shooting the tires. that is not okay. we need a list compiled boo i the community, the police commission and the police force. spend public dollars compiling the list of every san franciscans killed by a cop in the past 30 years. we need to gather the names
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of our dead. >> you have 30 seconds. >> i have 30 seconds and i want to say that i'm old enough to remember -- eleanor, a black mother killed by the new york police department. no one, no cop went to jail for killing that black grandmother. can you tell me, even 5 cops who have gone to jail for killing civilians? tell me, i would like to know because i cannot -- get information on the web. give me the list of our dead killed by cops. >> your time is up. >> there is other speakers.
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>> my name is gloria riva in stop now raising coalition answer. a 33-year resident of the mission. i have seen plenty personally of police brutality and the result of murders by the cops. it's an epidemic in this country. it's an epidemic where the police become the jury, judge and executioner. it's growing, mental illness is not a crime, but it's one of the main factors for police murders. i'm not saying that's what took place in the murder of alex nieto. we see too many mentally ill people who have crisis who simply the solution by the cops is to just gun them down. we in san francisco in the bay area who have seen murder after murder by police
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without justice saw 1 case where police got minimal prosecution. it wasn't because of city sanction investigation, it wasn't because of city government. it wasn't because of a commission of investigation and it certainly wasn't because of a police commission. it was because of a massive demonstration that demanding justice for oscar grant. that's the only way justice came. if there is an independent investigation which we want to see an indictment for murder of the police who shot to death mr. nieto. we say it's the movement that's going to bring justice for nieto and everybody else who has been murdered. that's what's at hand here. we won't stop until we get justice. >> hello, my name is larry. i'm honored tonight for
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harriet tub man and to all the people who died in the country and in this county. but tonight i'm here to tell you that when i arrived here in 89 from san diego thinking the tenderloin was a great state. good thing tonight. yes. i found out that it was such a crock of epidemic, they made it where we can walk through here to geary now. i know i'm at a time where i have to definite be here. i learned how to fight battles. i have a copy for you too, police chief. it says to whom it concerns community united against violence. later also
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known as juicy has been approved. cuav was looking to get involved in violence prevention work. through our work together he experienced harassment in his building hotel sro's. since he contacted us. he's been psychologically and mentally -- he has been able to obtain civil restraint audit in the past. there is invasion on his home. this threat if filed a dog hanging on a noos in his home. i'm wearing it to take the power from it to tell people that someone sent it to neighbors new something. but,
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when i put it on my record it was a white string. we want safety inside and we want the police to work to make our district like cast ro. we are here. we can live in a violent country and not be violent. thank you. >> i want to thank all of those that are here with the solidarity with the family of alex. thank you for your energy tonight. it's very grounding and i appreciate it. i would like to just begin by asking chief sur, is it true that your family owns a funeral home? okay. not anymore. so, in kgo you have been quoted to say that it turns out that alex has a history of mental illness. i would like to know how is
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there evidence of that? you know, because i'm no mental health therapist and those records, if that's the case, it's private, thank you. confidential. so right there, that's a violation of his privacy, his confidentiality. okay? second, on that moment when he was surrounded by how many policemen? do you really think or who would actually point and taser at how many police officers aiming g a gun at me? i don't believe that. but, what choice could there have been anyway. okay, in the dispatch calls, we want a full transcript. was the cit activated. the crisis
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intervention trained officers. was that activated. if not, why? >> 30 seconds. >> again, just to bring up the point in why i asked if your family owns a funeral home. how would that be relevant, right? how would having a restraining order relevant in this case if that was no the the reason that these calls were made. i know alex, he's one of the greatest sweet hearts, very peaceful and not confrontational. he was about peace and harmony. i do not want to be here tonight. but i'm here because this is wrong. i have a family to go home to. i'm a mother of a 15-month-old baby. [ applause ] >> good evening, everyone. my
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name is marco. i'm a musical artist in the bay area. i taught two artist as well. i have two kids. on october last year, it was a saturday, i was attacked by seven police officers. they sent me to the hospital and they left me with a ticket on my chest. they arrested my brother and they left let him go because they didn't have no paper, nothing against him only because he recorded the beating that they gave me. i'm here to support. i didn't know this guy right here. but i know the people. i nope that people that know him. i can say that i'm actually pretty lucky to come and support